Why I budget

why i budget

I budget so I can have more, not less.

I’ve budgeted my whole life. Ever since I was old enough to earn an income. Is it just me or is there a negative stigma around the word ‘budget’?

The reality is, I don’t budget to limit myself, I budget to have more of what I want. I budget to be financially in control. Budgeting is working out what your priorities are and sticking to those priorities. What I budget for will always be completely different to what someone else budgets for, but the point is to have a firm idea of what you want and what you don’t. 

What I don’t need is a takeaway coffee a day, I’m happy with instant. I don’t need to get my hair done at the hairdressers, I’m happy using a box colour. I don’t need the newest decor from Kmart, I’m happy using what I’ve got. I don’t need new clothes regularly, I feel good in what I’ve got. 

What I do want is a simple, clutter free life. What I do want is time with my kids. I want to be able to visit a park and go for a picnic. I want to be able to go on holidays and dine out occasionally. I want to be able to buy gifts for people who mean a lot to me. I want a car which is reliable. I want a home I can call my own. I want to have funds available just incase.

Budgeting allows me to have these things while being financially in control. 

10 years ago I was buying the coffees, new outfits, lunches, dinners, visits to the hairdresser and more. Who knows how much I would spend on a grocery shop. I would mindlessly pop things in my trolley and spend $300 without thought.

Knowing what you want and what you don’t want is the key to never missing out. Take the first step in assessing this. Be honest with yourself and see what changes you can make to help get more of what you want. 

Find out how I budget here.

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I’m Nic, wife and Mum to two little people. I’m based in Sydney, Australia. I created The Simple Housewife to inspire others to buy with intention, eat well with simple ingredients, own less and live more. 

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