Unexpected guests

preparing for unexpected guests

I laugh and say there is no faster way to clean your home than to receive “that” phone call from friends/family advising they are popping in. For me this generally means a quick run around picking up a whole bunch of toys, quickly vacuuming the multitude of crumbs on the floor and most importantly a toilet check and refresh…. With two little ones things can get messy (I always give the mirrors/basins and toilet itself a wipe down if I know someone is popping by).

But then what about the age old dilemma of having nothing to serve? I make sure I have a few staples in the freezer that I can whip out when I’m entertaining… these may not be as common as you think.

Freezer staples to serve unexpected guests:

Soft cheese

Cheeses like camembert or brie freeze exceptionally well. Simply take them out of the freezer into room temperature for a few hours before they are required to thaw. You won’t even know they were frozen!


Salami or ham is another great item to keep in the freezer – I freeze it sliced in tupperware for up to 4 weeks. I usually defrost for a few hours in the fridge. It’s fantastic for a last minute dinner (a pizza or pasta!) as well as lunch boxes.

Sourdough bread

I cut up sourdough and freeze in a large sandwich bag (which I reuse), I then either pop it in the oven to warm or toast it. It’s perfect to dip in olive oil and balsamic, served with cheese, dip or dukkah.


Having a batch of muffins is great for lunch boxes but is also great for guests! Serve up a pot of tea and your favourite homemade muffins for a homely afternoon tea.

what to prepare when guests arrive

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