My first ever job was in a cafe. I was 16. I remember the first time I had to carry three plates at once and a tray full of coffees… I wanted to cry, the coffees shook and spilled as I nervously put them down in front of my customers. I worked so hard and wanted to do so well. I was paid $8 and hour and from the second I started earning an income I started budgeting.

There was no room for luxury growing up – My parents worked super hard to provide for my brother and I. They worked to pay off their mortgage, to put us through school, to provide beautiful food on the table and to be very much present in our lives. From a young age I was taught about gratitude and the value behind purchases. Holidays were simple, we normally went camping… And it was all we ever could have wanted.

During my 20’s I lost a bit of myself and got sucked into the vortex of money and “stuff” in my high pressure sales role.

Having children grounded me and took me back to my youth – It allowed me to connect with what is important and to recognise just how much pleasure you can get from the simple things in life.

Here I talk about money. You will find strategies around how to save and discover a new perspective on spending.

Guide to Meal Planning on a Budget

We know the benefits of meal planning. More time, less stress, less waste, more money, more variety, healthier eating… But how do you meal plan?

How to sell your clothes online

I have made thousands of dollars selling my unwanted belongings that no longer serve me purpose. I think about what I need versus what I think I want.

How to stop spending money on clothes

Do you use Decluttering as an excuse to go shopping? Every time I declutter, I’m reminded that I don’t need anymore stuff… at all.

How to save money on your weekly grocery shop

I went from an excessive weekly grocery shop of $300 plus to a budget of $150 per week. We are a family of four. Here are my tips!

How to budget – A simple approach

My philosophy is that you need to know how much money you have coming into our bank account and then not spend more than that. Sounds simple right?

Why I budget

The reality is, I don’t budget to limit myself, I budget to have more of what I want. I budget to be financially in control. Here are my tips.